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VMA 2011


Drum roll please…Here comes the VMA 2011!!!

Okay, I know I’m a bit late. But c’mon, I need to wait for the MTV China to broadcast it. I was just watching it and I felt so outdated. First of all, I have no idea who those new artists are, Foo Fighters? Tyler, the Creator? Nicki Minaj? up until today, I don’t have the slightest idea about them at all.

Here’re what I do know, Adele, I’ve been listening 21 for over a month like everyday, and I still love it and haven’t got tired of it. She’s just so talented. It’s such a sad album and it really speaks to me. All the lyrics were so touching and the melodies were pretty much love at the first sight to me. The first song I heard by Adele was Rolling in the Deep, sang by Glee(Rachel & Jesse), and I love the song immediately. After I know it was originally by Adele, I listened to 21. Then I’m in love with her.

Adele in the VMA black carpet(don’t blame me, that what the hosts called it, it’s actually black anyway). I love her old-fashioned omega haircut, haven’t seen this in a loooong time. She’s such an elegant lady. Isn’t she a bit young for “lady”? But, c’mon. That’s just Adele! She’s 23, but her music doesn’t sound like 23, it’s deep. And the way she looks, I thought she’s like 28 at least. I’m not saying that she looks old, just that the way she feels, the look in her eyes and everything, she’s just so not like a 23 gal. She’s too mature to be 23.

Her makeup was really gorgeous too. Her skin looks flawless and silky smooth, her cheeks were slightly peachy, and nude lips(!!). The makeup is perfect, I would say the best but with Lady Gaga looking amazing too. I don’t know which one to choose. ¬†When Adele sang Someone Like You, which was a touching great song, she got her hair tight up beautifully. She’s such a beautiful, graceful lady with a fantastic voice. Katie Holmes said she wanna kick the guy that broke Adele’s heart and tell him to never do that again. LOL, me too.

This is the Beyonce. Well, I’m never a big fan of her. I like Single Ladies, Halo, and that’s all. She’s not really my type. But she looked great on the black carpet. I love this dress, very elegant and eye catching too. It also covered her tummy(I know she’s pregnant!) perfectly well. I got not much to say about her makeup, it’s beautiful as usual.

I have never heard of Nicki Minaj until today. And she freaked me out. What? She looked like she just ran out of a japanese cartoon. What else she reminds me of? Rachel Berry from Glee, the episode who everyone dressed up like Lady Gaga, not in the gorgeous black dress her mom made her, but the hideous and hilarious one her dads made. So, you know what I’m talking about?

Please, Katy Perry, dye your hair black again. I really think the vintage look suits her better and now she just looks weird. I don’t like this dress either, it’s weird too, also it doesn’t show her good figure at all, in fact it made her looked chubby. I really love it when her hair was black, I love that style and miss it too.

I haven’t heard of Jessie J until a couple hours ago(you see why I felt so outdated?), but I like her at the first sight. It’s a weird outfit, but in a good, surprising, inspiring way. Her voice is cool too. I’m just upset that every time she sang, it went ads and I only got a glimpse. Her look was very interesting and glamorous.

We all know Britney Spears’s music and I think she definitely deserved whatever awards she nominated. All her songs are catchy and great, she’s absolutely talented in music. But, her style, is just… Please visit Rachel Zoe, you can afford her and you need her! Nothing wrong with the makeup, but the dress didn’t show her best and her shoes are just showed her worst. In fact, I think a simple pair of sandal would do better than this.

Again, Miley Cyrus, great makeup. But the dress looked too old(and this time I do mean old) for her and made her look chubby and short too.

You see? This is why I can’t say Adele looked the best in VMA this year! Because Lady Gaga/Jo Calderone looked fantastic too! She/He’s so sexy, I mean, the way he/she looked, talked and everything. It’s so “manish”, bad-boy, dangerous, and smokin’ hot! Now we can all be sure that Lady Gaga is not only talented in music but pretty much everything. Next thing she needs to do is build a rocket then the world will know that she can even do science. LOL. Who’s the best, Adele or Gaga? I can’t decide at all. You know what, they both are the best, equally best.

The VMA this year didn’t bring much surprise to me, except for Adele’s performances. I wish next year would get better.