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Let’s talk about removers


Skin is probably the organ that we invest the most. Think of all the money we spend on cleansers, toners, moisturizers… I’m running out of fingers! There’s a crucial spend that we shouldn’t avoid, makeup removers(if you wear makeup of course).

I’m using Rimmel London Gentle Eye Makeup Remover(it’s not very good btw, it’s not gentle enough to me) and the legendary DHC Cleansing Oil. I also use baby wipes or remover wipes once in a while.

Even though a bottle of cleansing oil can do all the jobs, remove waterproof  mascara, eye shadow, foundation… everything, to me, a bootle of water-based eye makeup remover is very important. It’s definitely a must-have for me. I use it to do tones of things. I fix some minor mistakes while applying makeup, eg. mascara on eye lids… Given that it’s water-based, it’ll dry fast and you can continue your makeup application. I also prefer to use it to remove the eye makeup at the end of the day. One wipe then most gone. Also, again, given it’s water-based property, if it leaks into my eyes, I don’t feel a thing, no big deal.

The DHC Cleansing Oil deserves its fame. It’s fantastic. It dissolves all the makeup and it emulsifies once it meets water. After you finish, it  leaves you feeling hydrated. I heard that it’s a great dupe for the even more legendary Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil(well, I haven’t tried the Shu Uemura one), people say that it’s slightly heavier than the Shu Uemura one, but it’s half the price. It’s great for removing anything, from waterproof mascara to foundation. But you can hardly use it to fix minor mistakes while applying makeup, it usually spreads everywhere, I only use it for whole face removal. Also, I don’t like to use it to remove my eye liners and mascara. It’s oil, and it easily leaks into my eyes unless I really close my eyes(you know, that kind that can creates wrinkles ), and the worst part is that it leaves me seeing things blur for a couple of minutes and I really hate that. But other than these, I love it and I’ll definitely purchase it again.

Baby wipes and remover wipes are my way-too-tired-to-do-anything choice. I don’t think they clean very well though. Baby wipes are very gentle, it feels good on skin. The remover wipes I use currently is Biore’s and it feels a bit harsh after it dries so I would still wash my face after( which makes no difference to using oil, that’s why I hardly use it now). I use the remover wipes to clean my brushes every now and then. For those wear makeup once in a long while, I think baby wipes are excellent. I use it to wipe my face before I sleep sometimes if it gets a bit oily and I’ve already washed my face earlier. It leaves my face feeling fresh.

If there’s only one remover I can use, I would go for the water-based eye makeup remover. It’s so easy to use. It’s okay for face too but would be a bit waste.


Viva Glam Gaga


This is just a quick post(or so I hope).

After watching the VMA last night, I suddenly want the MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick today. I like Lady Gaga quite a lot. I love pretty much every song in The Fame Monster, except Teeth. And her new album, Born This Way, so far I like Born This Way, You and I. These two I love, but the rest, I haven’t got the time to check out yet. I wasn’t exactly a fan of Gaga until Born This Way, something about this song really gets me. I love that she sang, “I’m beautiful in my way ‘cuz God makes no mistakes”. This is the part really hit me and made me realize we are all perfect, we should be who we are and proud to be so. That’s when I really fell for her. Her music is cool but it’s what she’s about really fascinates me.

I saw the Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick ads a few months ago, but I didn’t really care back then. And today, probably because of the VMA, I want it. I have always been looking for a nude lipstick, so far, I haven’t got one that I truly love. And I think this one looks pretty amazing, at least the reviews I’ve read all said so.(haha, I’m a review freak). But this lipstick is actually limited, so I don’t know for sure if I’ll get it tomorrow. Anyway, wish me luck!

It’s night time here, almost midnight, so good night, sleep tight!

I bought a Neutrogena moisturizer and a Revlon eyeliner today, I’ll see if I can post some pictures about them tomorrow.

5 Shopping Reminders for Makeup Newbies


I think of myself as a makeup newbie too. And here’s my own reminders for myself when I go shop for makeup.

Shopping for makeup can get annoying(but still, we all enjoy it), you just don’t see the effect immediately! When you go buy a dress, you can always try it out and da da, you see what you look like in it. But when it comes to makeup, you just don’t know. Some shops do not offer testers or samples, this just make it even harder. Some shops do offer testers or samples, still, you only know the product texture. You don’t know which shade to choose or if it’s as long lasting as it claims to be.

And like clothes, there’re always higher-end brands and budget brands. Which one to choose?

I hope this post is useful for you.

1. Always do the research!!! There’re reasons that I put this reminder in the first place. You just can’t trust the adverts! Just because the adverts say that it’s good and the models looks great doesn’t make it true. The adverts lies all the time. My best solution for this dreadfully annoying situation is, google it, see what others say about it. I sometimes spend days to read the reviews. Trust me, I know the rush in you heart when you first see the adverts. Take some time to do the research help calms it down. You might not want it after a few days of thinking about it. If you buy it that fast, it would be a waste. If you still want it after reading the reviews, go get it then. This reminder can be a money saver.

2. Bargain!!! I believe a Chanel product does a better job than a Revlon one. But think again. A Chanel one costs A LOT, while the Revlon really doesn’t cost much. However, the difference of effect they make just doesn’t worth the price difference.  When it comes to makeup, there’re products that just can’t last long. For example, you can only use a mascara for up to 6 months, it either dries out by then or full of bacteria that’s no longer safe to use. Here’s what the bargain for. When you shop for mascara and liquid eyeliner, lip gloss, basically anything liquid, you go for budget brands. Liquid things don’t last long, it’s quite a waste of money if you splurge on them.

3. Test before buy!!! What’s good for everyone might not be good for you. Just because you read dozens of good reviews about a product doesn’t mean it will work well on you. To find out the truth is always testing it yourself. The product might have a teeny tiny scent problem that people can usually ignore, but that flaw might freak you out. You’ll never know unless you test for yourself. Some stores do not offer testing, eg. online stores, just don’t buy anything there unless you have a specific idea in mind, by that I mean you know exactly which product, which shade…

4. Splurge!!! Okay, I know it’s a bit weird because I just say Bargain!!! To me, I bargain some and splurge some. You wanna splurge on your face product, like foundation. You really don’t wanna take a risk of buying something cheaper then cause a breakout, right? I would rather spend more on a foundation once, than using a dupe then have a breakout and do the damage control and then know that I should have splurge on foundation and buy again. So I invest more on foundation, I’m using the MAC studio fix fluid which is amazing btw, definitely lives up to its claims. Well, when I say splurge, I didn’t mean I’ll get a Dior foundation, MAC is enough for me and lots of you out there too. Of course, splurge or bargain is really up to you.

5. Buy makeup removers!!! Some people think that they don’t need the makeup removers as they have facial cleansers. Well, guess what? Facial cleansers are not enough, especially when it comes to waterproof makeup. I once tried out a Revlon ColorStay eyeliner on my hand, I drew a line and it took a few minutes to get rid off it with makeup removers, needless to mention other cleaning products. I read about using baby oil or olive oil can do the job. I tried the baby oil, and it was a mess. The baby oil can dissolve the waterproof makeup but it’s so hard to wash away as it can’t emulsify when it meets water. I washed my face 3 times and it still felt oily, so I ended up using a remover wipe. If you are thinking about something stronger, like a soap or alcohol( are you insane?), well, I hope you will be satisfied with how bad your skin gets  after a while of doing so.

I know, some may sound like a no brainer, but I really hope that it will help some of you out there who’re clueless. And one thing I learned after writing this, I really should learn how to write less!! Sorry! 😛

If you have any questions, please just ask me in the comment. I’ll be more than happy to help you.

Read This First


Just so we can be clear, I think of myself as a makeup newbie too.

I only started makeup like a year ago and until 6 months ago, I only put on mascara, eye liner and concealer. And even now, what I wear are only foundation/BB cream, setting power, eyebrow liner, lipstick/lipgloss and eye liner, mascara, concealer, which I think is really not much, just very basic. I mean, I still don’t wear blush/bronzer, eyeshadow or anything I didn’t mention above. And I definitely don’t own a dozens of makeup brushes. You know what, I’m going to do a post later(not later this day, next month is more likely), about what do I own, then you can decide how much of a newbie I am.

I’m a student and I’m not born with a silver spoon. That means, I’m usually on a budget. So, I’m not likely to wear a Dior mascara or any higher-end brands like that. I’m more into drugstore brand. Actually, I shop in Hong Kong, my “drugstore” would be stores like Watsons, Mannings, Sasa, Bonjour(They are pretty much like drugstore in States).  Well, that’s quite reader-friendly(I hope I’m not being arrogant :P), you can easily follow me if you want to.

Ok, now, you can go on and scroll down the page.

Oops, almost forgot this. Under this category, I include things about makeup. That being, product reviews, makeup tips, looks recreation… anything about makeup goes to this category. And I do include makeup removers here too. Most people put them under skincare, but I think, you don’t buy makeup remover unless you buy makeup. That makes it more makeup-related than skincare-related.