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About cemmaw

I'm CemmaW from Hong Kong/Shenzhen (I travel back and forth as much as daily sometimes) and I'm a student. I'm terrible at organization. All kind of it, from word organization to time organization and stuff organization. And I'm hoping that by creating a blog, I can get things more organized. But I'm still trying to find the link between organization and blogging. It should help with word but time, stuff and blah blah blah? I have no idea. I also wanna keep track of things by blogging. There're so many things in life and you just forget most of them. So I hope that by writing some of it down, I can read it and like "Hey, that happened!" This is more like a personal blog rather than a particular blog on a specific topic. Its content is mainly depends on my mood. I could feel like writing something on beauty for a while, then I might wanna talk about the albums I'm listening to. Well, have fun!

Slow lately


Don’t blame me for not updating so slow, I said I’ll try to update like at least once a week. Well, I thought I could at least manage that, only it turned out I simply couldn’t. I’m just so busy everyday!

Even with busy weekdays, I thought I could still get squeeze some time to blog during weekends, well, I wasn’t thinking clearly. Sept and Oct are the University Info Days Months in Hong Kong, and there’s a university I’m interested in checking out having the annual Info Day every weekend. And I’m just really tired after walking around in campuses all day, not really in a good state for blogging(unless you wanna read blogs venting about sour feet). And there’re just a lot of quizzes going on and homework(seriously, goddamn it!) in line.

I updated my beauty supplies lately with 2 lipsticks and a concealer. The lipsticks are Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Mauve it Over Lipstick and Sephora lipstick in coral, the concealer is the MAC Select Moisturecover(I bought it mainly because my current concealer is going to expired soon and best beauty blog I’ve ever seen, I thought it was a beauty website with a team of people behind it in the first place, turned out it’s just a blog, and that’s just so shocking for me) recommended it). I’ll test it as soon as I can and write some posts about them. Don’t need to remind me, I know I haven’t written a thing about the Revlon Liquid Eyeliner Pen I bought(like a month ago?). I’m still testing it, so far it’s been great. I just wanna make sure I know exactly how it performs and my reviews are accurate.

I’m not going to make any more promises because I know I’ll most likely break them. I’ll try to update and get those reviews down as soon as I can but mind you, I’m really busy(sorry but trust me, I don’t enjoy it either).


Let’s talk about removers


Skin is probably the organ that we invest the most. Think of all the money we spend on cleansers, toners, moisturizers… I’m running out of fingers! There’s a crucial spend that we shouldn’t avoid, makeup removers(if you wear makeup of course).

I’m using Rimmel London Gentle Eye Makeup Remover(it’s not very good btw, it’s not gentle enough to me) and the legendary DHC Cleansing Oil. I also use baby wipes or remover wipes once in a while.

Even though a bottle of cleansing oil can do all the jobs, remove waterproof  mascara, eye shadow, foundation… everything, to me, a bootle of water-based eye makeup remover is very important. It’s definitely a must-have for me. I use it to do tones of things. I fix some minor mistakes while applying makeup, eg. mascara on eye lids… Given that it’s water-based, it’ll dry fast and you can continue your makeup application. I also prefer to use it to remove the eye makeup at the end of the day. One wipe then most gone. Also, again, given it’s water-based property, if it leaks into my eyes, I don’t feel a thing, no big deal.

The DHC Cleansing Oil deserves its fame. It’s fantastic. It dissolves all the makeup and it emulsifies once it meets water. After you finish, it  leaves you feeling hydrated. I heard that it’s a great dupe for the even more legendary Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil(well, I haven’t tried the Shu Uemura one), people say that it’s slightly heavier than the Shu Uemura one, but it’s half the price. It’s great for removing anything, from waterproof mascara to foundation. But you can hardly use it to fix minor mistakes while applying makeup, it usually spreads everywhere, I only use it for whole face removal. Also, I don’t like to use it to remove my eye liners and mascara. It’s oil, and it easily leaks into my eyes unless I really close my eyes(you know, that kind that can creates wrinkles ), and the worst part is that it leaves me seeing things blur for a couple of minutes and I really hate that. But other than these, I love it and I’ll definitely purchase it again.

Baby wipes and remover wipes are my way-too-tired-to-do-anything choice. I don’t think they clean very well though. Baby wipes are very gentle, it feels good on skin. The remover wipes I use currently is Biore’s and it feels a bit harsh after it dries so I would still wash my face after( which makes no difference to using oil, that’s why I hardly use it now). I use the remover wipes to clean my brushes every now and then. For those wear makeup once in a long while, I think baby wipes are excellent. I use it to wipe my face before I sleep sometimes if it gets a bit oily and I’ve already washed my face earlier. It leaves my face feeling fresh.

If there’s only one remover I can use, I would go for the water-based eye makeup remover. It’s so easy to use. It’s okay for face too but would be a bit waste.

School starts today


Well, it’s sad but it’s true.

My school starts today. And I welcomed it with my endless sorrow.

This is going to be a very busy year for me, so there’re high chances that I might not be able to update as often as I’m now, I tried my best to update at least once a day these days. But from now on, I can only tried my best to update once a week.

I hope you would understand.

Neutrogena Moisture SPF15 Photos



I bought this Neutrogena Moisture SPF 15 yesterday at a pharmacy store.

I usually buy all my skincare stuff in pharmacy store because it’s way cheaper than retail stores like Mannings and Watsons. Here’s a little tip for buying skincare products in Hong Kong, in case you don’t know. Always buy them(moisturizers, shampoos, shower gels…) in pharmacy stores unless it’s a certain brand that’s only available in Mannings or Watsons or …Because prices are way lower. In fact you’ll be shocked by the price difference. There’s a acne serum I love and it costs HK$56 in pretty much every pharmacy store I’ve ever visited but HK$79 in Mannings and Watsons. So you know what I’m talking about.

Confession time, I don’t wear moisturizer in summer. I have one for winter but I find it too oily for summer(of course it is!), it causes breakouts. I was like, forget it, toner would do. It’s not a right thing to do but I was just too lazy to go get one for summer. Also, I don’t have any sun protection on my face except for the SPF in foundation/BB cream, which is not enough,I know, again, laziness.So getting a moisturizer with SPF is kinda a big step for me. LOL.

I was a little surprised to find out that it’s non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, alcohol-free. It only mention the non-comedogenic part on the package(you caught me, I didn’t read the package carefully so I was kinda surprised), the rest were all on the bottle. Non-comedogenic is important to me as I have acne skin. Hypoallergenic is very important to those have sensitive skin but not me, it’s worth to mention though. As for fragrance-free, I don’t know why many people think it’s a big deal, but it’s still something that I would look for because I don’t want to take risks on my face, they say it’s crucial, crucial it is then. Alcohol-free, attention! I always find that moisturizers with alcohol quite funny. Alcohol, as I talked about in Alcohol, dries skin out, so adding it in moisturizers makes no sense to me.

I put on some today, it feels really light-weighted. I don’t feel it on my skin at all except it’s not tight, but this barely counts. I use for daytime and so far(which is only a day), I like it.

More pics about it.


I like that it comes with a pump. The product is less exposed to air and less chances to get contaminated.


Don’t know if you can read it. It just says that it’s lightweight and with SPF, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, alcohol-free. Direction of applying it and Warning.


I’m terrible at photography, the lightning is so wrong. The product is supposed to be white, but somehow it looks yellow here.


It’s HK$79(US$:HK$=1:7.8 this might help you), and available in many pharmacy stores and Watsons and Mannings.

I haven’t got the time to try out the Revlon eye liner yet, so the pics gotta wait.

Comments settings


I just change the comments settings to ” An administrator must always approve the comment “. Before that I’ve always left the comment section open.

I’m not trying to control speech or anything, I’m like the biggest fan of freedom of speech(which makes me the least fan of XXX, if you know what I’m talking about). But I realize that if I let it be open, I might not know there’s a new comment or anything. In order to help me read the comments better and reply, I see that I must set it to this  “An administrator must always approve the comment” mode as the system would automatically send me a mail and tell me that there’s a new comment.

I hope you would understand.

Good night.

Viva Glam Gaga


This is just a quick post(or so I hope).

After watching the VMA last night, I suddenly want the MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick today. I like Lady Gaga quite a lot. I love pretty much every song in The Fame Monster, except Teeth. And her new album, Born This Way, so far I like Born This Way, You and I. These two I love, but the rest, I haven’t got the time to check out yet. I wasn’t exactly a fan of Gaga until Born This Way, something about this song really gets me. I love that she sang, “I’m beautiful in my way ‘cuz God makes no mistakes”. This is the part really hit me and made me realize we are all perfect, we should be who we are and proud to be so. That’s when I really fell for her. Her music is cool but it’s what she’s about really fascinates me.

I saw the Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick ads a few months ago, but I didn’t really care back then. And today, probably because of the VMA, I want it. I have always been looking for a nude lipstick, so far, I haven’t got one that I truly love. And I think this one looks pretty amazing, at least the reviews I’ve read all said so.(haha, I’m a review freak). But this lipstick is actually limited, so I don’t know for sure if I’ll get it tomorrow. Anyway, wish me luck!

It’s night time here, almost midnight, so good night, sleep tight!

I bought a Neutrogena moisturizer and a Revlon eyeliner today, I’ll see if I can post some pictures about them tomorrow.

VMA 2011


Drum roll please…Here comes the VMA 2011!!!

Okay, I know I’m a bit late. But c’mon, I need to wait for the MTV China to broadcast it. I was just watching it and I felt so outdated. First of all, I have no idea who those new artists are, Foo Fighters? Tyler, the Creator? Nicki Minaj? up until today, I don’t have the slightest idea about them at all.

Here’re what I do know, Adele, I’ve been listening 21 for over a month like everyday, and I still love it and haven’t got tired of it. She’s just so talented. It’s such a sad album and it really speaks to me. All the lyrics were so touching and the melodies were pretty much love at the first sight to me. The first song I heard by Adele was Rolling in the Deep, sang by Glee(Rachel & Jesse), and I love the song immediately. After I know it was originally by Adele, I listened to 21. Then I’m in love with her.

Adele in the VMA black carpet(don’t blame me, that what the hosts called it, it’s actually black anyway). I love her old-fashioned omega haircut, haven’t seen this in a loooong time. She’s such an elegant lady. Isn’t she a bit young for “lady”? But, c’mon. That’s just Adele! She’s 23, but her music doesn’t sound like 23, it’s deep. And the way she looks, I thought she’s like 28 at least. I’m not saying that she looks old, just that the way she feels, the look in her eyes and everything, she’s just so not like a 23 gal. She’s too mature to be 23.

Her makeup was really gorgeous too. Her skin looks flawless and silky smooth, her cheeks were slightly peachy, and nude lips(!!). The makeup is perfect, I would say the best but with Lady Gaga looking amazing too. I don’t know which one to choose.  When Adele sang Someone Like You, which was a touching great song, she got her hair tight up beautifully. She’s such a beautiful, graceful lady with a fantastic voice. Katie Holmes said she wanna kick the guy that broke Adele’s heart and tell him to never do that again. LOL, me too.

This is the Beyonce. Well, I’m never a big fan of her. I like Single Ladies, Halo, and that’s all. She’s not really my type. But she looked great on the black carpet. I love this dress, very elegant and eye catching too. It also covered her tummy(I know she’s pregnant!) perfectly well. I got not much to say about her makeup, it’s beautiful as usual.

I have never heard of Nicki Minaj until today. And she freaked me out. What? She looked like she just ran out of a japanese cartoon. What else she reminds me of? Rachel Berry from Glee, the episode who everyone dressed up like Lady Gaga, not in the gorgeous black dress her mom made her, but the hideous and hilarious one her dads made. So, you know what I’m talking about?

Please, Katy Perry, dye your hair black again. I really think the vintage look suits her better and now she just looks weird. I don’t like this dress either, it’s weird too, also it doesn’t show her good figure at all, in fact it made her looked chubby. I really love it when her hair was black, I love that style and miss it too.

I haven’t heard of Jessie J until a couple hours ago(you see why I felt so outdated?), but I like her at the first sight. It’s a weird outfit, but in a good, surprising, inspiring way. Her voice is cool too. I’m just upset that every time she sang, it went ads and I only got a glimpse. Her look was very interesting and glamorous.

We all know Britney Spears’s music and I think she definitely deserved whatever awards she nominated. All her songs are catchy and great, she’s absolutely talented in music. But, her style, is just… Please visit Rachel Zoe, you can afford her and you need her! Nothing wrong with the makeup, but the dress didn’t show her best and her shoes are just showed her worst. In fact, I think a simple pair of sandal would do better than this.

Again, Miley Cyrus, great makeup. But the dress looked too old(and this time I do mean old) for her and made her look chubby and short too.

You see? This is why I can’t say Adele looked the best in VMA this year! Because Lady Gaga/Jo Calderone looked fantastic too! She/He’s so sexy, I mean, the way he/she looked, talked and everything. It’s so “manish”, bad-boy, dangerous, and smokin’ hot! Now we can all be sure that Lady Gaga is not only talented in music but pretty much everything. Next thing she needs to do is build a rocket then the world will know that she can even do science. LOL. Who’s the best, Adele or Gaga? I can’t decide at all. You know what, they both are the best, equally best.

The VMA this year didn’t bring much surprise to me, except for Adele’s performances. I wish next year would get better.