Slow lately


Don’t blame me for not updating so slow, I said I’ll try to update like at least once a week. Well, I thought I could at least manage that, only it turned out I simply couldn’t. I’m just so busy everyday!

Even with busy weekdays, I thought I could still get squeeze some time to blog during weekends, well, I wasn’t thinking clearly. Sept and Oct are the University Info Days Months in Hong Kong, and there’s a university I’m interested in checking out having the annual Info Day every weekend. And I’m just really tired after walking around in campuses all day, not really in a good state for blogging(unless you wanna read blogs venting about sour feet). And there’re just a lot of quizzes going on and homework(seriously, goddamn it!) in line.

I updated my beauty supplies lately with 2 lipsticks and a concealer. The lipsticks are Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Mauve it Over Lipstick and Sephora lipstick in coral, the concealer is the MAC Select Moisturecover(I bought it mainly because my current concealer is going to expired soon and best beauty blog I’ve ever seen, I thought it was a beauty website with a team of people behind it in the first place, turned out it’s just a blog, and that’s just so shocking for me) recommended it). I’ll test it as soon as I can and write some posts about them. Don’t need to remind me, I know I haven’t written a thing about the Revlon Liquid Eyeliner Pen I bought(like a month ago?). I’m still testing it, so far it’s been great. I just wanna make sure I know exactly how it performs and my reviews are accurate.

I’m not going to make any more promises because I know I’ll most likely break them. I’ll try to update and get those reviews down as soon as I can but mind you, I’m really busy(sorry but trust me, I don’t enjoy it either).


About cemmaw

I'm CemmaW from Hong Kong/Shenzhen (I travel back and forth as much as daily sometimes) and I'm a student. I'm terrible at organization. All kind of it, from word organization to time organization and stuff organization. And I'm hoping that by creating a blog, I can get things more organized. But I'm still trying to find the link between organization and blogging. It should help with word but time, stuff and blah blah blah? I have no idea. I also wanna keep track of things by blogging. There're so many things in life and you just forget most of them. So I hope that by writing some of it down, I can read it and like "Hey, that happened!" This is more like a personal blog rather than a particular blog on a specific topic. Its content is mainly depends on my mood. I could feel like writing something on beauty for a while, then I might wanna talk about the albums I'm listening to. Well, have fun!

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