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I just change the comments settings to ” An administrator must always approve the comment “. Before that I’ve always left the comment section open.

I’m not trying to control speech or anything, I’m like the biggest fan of freedom of speech(which makes me the least fan of XXX, if you know what I’m talking about). But I realize that if I let it be open, I might not know there’s a new comment or anything. In order to help me read the comments better and reply, I see that I must set it to this  “An administrator must always approve the comment” mode as the system would automatically send me a mail and tell me that there’s a new comment.

I hope you would understand.

Good night.


About cemmaw

I'm CemmaW from Hong Kong/Shenzhen (I travel back and forth as much as daily sometimes) and I'm a student. I'm terrible at organization. All kind of it, from word organization to time organization and stuff organization. And I'm hoping that by creating a blog, I can get things more organized. But I'm still trying to find the link between organization and blogging. It should help with word but time, stuff and blah blah blah? I have no idea. I also wanna keep track of things by blogging. There're so many things in life and you just forget most of them. So I hope that by writing some of it down, I can read it and like "Hey, that happened!" This is more like a personal blog rather than a particular blog on a specific topic. Its content is mainly depends on my mood. I could feel like writing something on beauty for a while, then I might wanna talk about the albums I'm listening to. Well, have fun!

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