Read This First


Just so we can be clear, I think of myself as a makeup newbie too.

I only started makeup like a year ago and until 6 months ago, I only put on mascara, eye liner and concealer. And even now, what I wear are only foundation/BB cream, setting power, eyebrow liner, lipstick/lipgloss and eye liner, mascara, concealer, which I think is really not much, just very basic. I mean, I still don’t wear blush/bronzer, eyeshadow or anything I didn’t mention above. And I definitely don’t own a dozens of makeup brushes. You know what, I’m going to do a post later(not later this day, next month is more likely), about what do I own, then you can decide how much of a newbie I am.

I’m a student and I’m not born with a silver spoon. That means, I’m usually on a budget. So, I’m not likely to wear a Dior mascara or any higher-end brands like that. I’m more into drugstore brand. Actually, I shop in Hong Kong, my “drugstore” would be stores like Watsons, Mannings, Sasa, Bonjour(They are pretty much like drugstore in States).  Well, that’s quite reader-friendly(I hope I’m not being arrogant :P), you can easily follow me if you want to.

Ok, now, you can go on and scroll down the page.

Oops, almost forgot this. Under this category, I include things about makeup. That being, product reviews, makeup tips, looks recreation… anything about makeup goes to this category. And I do include makeup removers here too. Most people put them under skincare, but I think, you don’t buy makeup remover unless you buy makeup. That makes it more makeup-related than skincare-related.


About cemmaw

I'm CemmaW from Hong Kong/Shenzhen (I travel back and forth as much as daily sometimes) and I'm a student. I'm terrible at organization. All kind of it, from word organization to time organization and stuff organization. And I'm hoping that by creating a blog, I can get things more organized. But I'm still trying to find the link between organization and blogging. It should help with word but time, stuff and blah blah blah? I have no idea. I also wanna keep track of things by blogging. There're so many things in life and you just forget most of them. So I hope that by writing some of it down, I can read it and like "Hey, that happened!" This is more like a personal blog rather than a particular blog on a specific topic. Its content is mainly depends on my mood. I could feel like writing something on beauty for a while, then I might wanna talk about the albums I'm listening to. Well, have fun!

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