My Very First Docs



After years of yearning for a pair of Dr.Martens, I finally got one, the famous 1460, on 20th,Aug.  And it’s quite different from what I expected.

I bought it in Mong Kok, Hong Kong. A store I believe where I bought my first All-Star too. Not that I like that store very much, it just happened that I walk past by it almost every time I’m looking for shoes in Mong Kok and they had what I was looking for. Maybe I should put it in my favorite stores list, but then again, I really don’t go there, that store or Mong Kok often enough.

Back to docs. I always thought that docs should be very comfy, soft, the kind of shoes that once you put your feet in, you don’t wanna get them out. Well, I was so ignorant. I usually do a lot of research before I go shop for something, but somehow, it didn’t occur to me that I should go and see what others think about them. I just rushed into the store and ask for them. It was just so not me.


It’s different from what I expected,  but in a neutral way. Docs is very tough, not just the way it looks, but the way it feels too. I didn’t get the soft and comfy feeling when I tried it out in store, the leather was quite stiff(can you use stiff to describe leather?), it felt weird. Usually when shoes that hard are not good for walking, I felt fine walking in it but I can’t really scratch my ankles though.

After hours of walking in it, amazingly, I felt fine. I have to admit that I was tired, my feet were exhausted. But hey, I walked for over 10 hours! So you can’t really blame it on the shoes. Especially when I felt perfectly okay and totally ready for another long walk again after I sat resting for 20-30 minutes. That’s quite remarkable for a pair of shoes I would say!

Overall, I love my docs. Even though they are really stiff, they are still very comfy.

More pics of docs





I can’t never understand how Agyness can stand like that in docs. I just can’t! If I stand in a posture like Agyness, my right knee will bend and my center of gravity will go to my right feet. Because, like I said, I can’t scratch my ankles in docs. I don’t know how she did it. Maybe that’s why she a supermodel.


About cemmaw

I'm CemmaW from Hong Kong/Shenzhen (I travel back and forth as much as daily sometimes) and I'm a student. I'm terrible at organization. All kind of it, from word organization to time organization and stuff organization. And I'm hoping that by creating a blog, I can get things more organized. But I'm still trying to find the link between organization and blogging. It should help with word but time, stuff and blah blah blah? I have no idea. I also wanna keep track of things by blogging. There're so many things in life and you just forget most of them. So I hope that by writing some of it down, I can read it and like "Hey, that happened!" This is more like a personal blog rather than a particular blog on a specific topic. Its content is mainly depends on my mood. I could feel like writing something on beauty for a while, then I might wanna talk about the albums I'm listening to. Well, have fun!

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  1. You know, I have no study on shoes. As a boy, I think, I will wear comfortable shoes, not because of a pair of shoes is particularly beautiful and tortured my feet. You some words I am translating, so don’t know your opinion, but you seem to not consulting the opinions of others?

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